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Word on the Street



By Paula McConnell



Wedding Bells Abound and spring is in the air as two of Vallejo’s most talented people announce their upcoming marriages. The former Activities Director of the Senior Center, the effervescent, wonderful Nancy Yingst, has announced her upcoming marriage to Tim Rainey who now lives ‘up around’ Grass Valley. The happy couple will be married on July 7th at a fabulous Lake Tahoe resort. But first they will take an extended cruise to Alaska with Tim’s parents who are well in their eighties. “They consider me already part of the family already,” said Nancy. Why not? Anybody would want Nancy in the ‘framily’ – friends & family combined.

And Vallejo’s own award winning mystery writer, David Corbett, is tying the knot in October. He met his bride at a conference for mystery writers ‘back East’. She was attending with a friend. They will be married in her home town in the New York Hudson Valley in October. Corbett has penned a few books about crime and the plots often include parts of Vallejo. “Done for a Dime” was particularly visceral & intriguing. Good luck to both Nancy, and David, two great contributors to our little jewel of a city by the Bay.


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School Board Meeting for April 9, 2014

Due to popular demand VIB will be placing School Board meetings on the site again.

With elections for board positions coming up, best to pay careful attention! Let's get educated!




Blood Moon   Lunar Eclipse April 15, 2014                                






4/15/14 -- Here are a couple shots of the lunar eclipse. Click the images to see full size!



Perspectives from a new Vallejo resident-to-be


Confessions of a Macroneurotic


Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious -- Rumi

By Carol Pearlman



carol (2).jpg

I did it! On April 9th 2014 I bought the condo. It was touch & go for a while: first, should-I-shouldn’t-I?, then can-I-dare-I?, then, dealing with a reverse-mortgage-short-sale that I didn’t understand, and 5,000 pages of Home-Owners’-Association-Rules-And-Regulations that were even more incomprehensible. But, in the end the bank accepted my offer, I forked over the dough, signed everything, and I’m happy to report I’m now a Vallejo homeowner, and like it or not, I’m here and HELLO!


I chose the compact little condo with a patio over the spacious hillside dream house with the big yard because of its location and the price was right, and, after all, at my stage of the game, it’s better for me. Let’s face it, my knees don’t bend like they used to… And, I still want to travel, pack my bags, lock my door & go to Italy for a couple of months without worrying about an unguarded home with possible dry rot that needs constant care.

My new home is not perfect, neither architecturally interesting nor particularly gracious. The kitchen is small, there’s an inside flight of stairs I could frankly live without, and I hear a lot of traffic noise from the street in front. As one astute friend observed, “the place looks like a cheap hotel,” but I can see its potential, and it’s got a view of the river, a fireplace, and 2 ½ bathrooms. I’ll fix it up. With a bit of creativity and a bundle of cash it could turn out ok.


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  Those industrious souls of the New Hiberian Steam Empire are hard at work creating art and moving mechanical machinations from found stuff or Obtainia. Here is a vistit to Vallejo's own Obtainium Works courtesy of S.N. "LensCap" Jacobson -- local photographer and chronicler of the process!
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